DOT Previous Employer Verification
Receive Credible DOT Screenings

DOT Previous Employer Verification are specially-designed background checks to ensure that commercial vehicle drivers are fully qualified. These screenings are a mandatory part of the hiring process for any business regulated by the DOT. 

Performing DOT Previous Employer Verifications will help keep your business fully compliant with government laws and regulations and help reduce your chances of lawsuits due to driver-related accidents and injuries. 

At Transafe, we realize how important it is to hire quality drivers. DOT Previous Employer Verifications are an integral part of ensuring that you have a detailed background check with all information necessary to be compliant with FMCSA regulations. 

In the event that a previous employer responds with information regarding drug/alcohol violations or accident history not disclosed by the driver, we will contact you immediately to inform you and take necessary action.

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