DOT Safety Compliance Consultants
Get Expert DOT Consulting Services

Transafe offers you expert DOT compliance consultant services by our highly-qualified safety consultants who have gained valuable experience while working with the DOT, the American Trucking Association, and large motor carriers. We provide compliance services consultancy to commercial motor carriers throughout the country. Our main goal is to help companies discern and comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations via our wide variety of value-added services such as:
  •       Audits and compliance assessments through our simulated DOT-compliance reviews
  •       Guidance and executive-level consultations on building effective controls and systems that are DOT-compliant
  •       Outsourcing and turnkey solutions for enhanced efficiency
  •       Customized forms and procedures for easy compliance procedures

Transafe’s DOT Mock Audits

We help our client prepare by conducting an audit using the same forms, processes, and software that the DOT uses. We review every aspect of your operation including:
  1.     Driver qualification
  2.     Hours of service
  3.     Drug and alcohol testing
  4.     Vehicle maintenance
  5.     Accident records
  6.     CSA Score Review
We will relay all results to you including any violations the DOT may likely uncover, fines they may charge from you, the safety rating they would assign your company, and any corrective actions you may need to do to stay compliant. We can also create and maintain your driver qualification management files so that you can stay focused on your core businesses. You will regularly receive alerts on every document that needs renewal or replacement. This part of our service includes the following:
  1.     A review of existing files and required documents
  2.     An electronic inventory of all contents of your files
  3.     Personalized documents to help organize your files
  4.     Regular electronic alerts for upcoming document renewals
  5.     Maintenance of active or inactive driver lists
  6.     Access to records within the timeframe of the DOT
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