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DOT Background Check – Get Credible DOT Screenings (H1)

Department of Transportation or DOT background checks are specially-designed background checks to ensure that commercial vehicle drivers are fully qualified. These screenings are a mandatory part of the hiring processes for any business regulated by the DOT. 

The DOT is an agency tasked to make the U.S. transportation system the most modern, the most efficient, and the safest in the world. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA, an integral part of the DOT, supervises commercial motor vehicles’ safety. They are tasked to reduce accidents, collisions, injuries, and fatalities that involve large commercial trucks and buses. 

Performing DOT background checks will help keep your business fully compliant with government laws and regulations and help reduce your chances of lawsuits due to driver-related accidents and injuries. 

At Transafe, we know that you conduct routine background checks before you hire a new employee. The DOT background check, however, is more detailed than a routine background check as it looks thoroughly into an applicant’s driving record.

We are here to help you stay in compliance with DOT regulations and help you hire the best drivers to maintain your services as smoothly as possible. DOT background checks help carrier companies increase safety and reduce driver accidents and lawsuits. 

Requirements for a DOT/FMCSA Background Check: (H2)

  1. Motor Vehicle Records

Transport carriers are required by the FMCSA to access motor vehicle records or MVRs through a CDLIS report from every state that the candidate has held a commercial driver’s license in the last three years. Copies of those MVRs should be attached to the candidate’s driver qualification file within 30 days of employment and updated annually. It should also be duly noted if no MVRs were found.

2. Previous Employment History

A carrier needs to investigate a candidate’s work history for the past 3 years to verify his or her previous employment with interviews, letters, and other modes of verification, find out if said candidate has been involved in any accidents, and obtain details of said incidents.

3. Drug Test History

Employers are also required to investigate an applicant’s drug history checks from the past three years to pinpoint any alcohol or drug violations, including testing positive on an alcohol or drug test, refusing to undergo a test, or failing a substance abuse rehabilitation program.

4. Pre-employment Drug Test

The applicant must undergo and pass a pre-employment drug test that will involve testing for cocaine, marijuana, cocaine, opium and codeine derivatives, phencyclidine or PCP, and amphetamines and methamphetamines.

Most trucking business companies are ready to go beyond what the DOT and the FMCSA require and take additional steps to limit administrative charges and liability. Background checks that include criminal history reports will help you make informed decisions about hiring prospective employees. These sound business practices will be especially useful for anyone who offers transport for children or the disabled and P&D services to homes.

Transafe is one of the largest third-party background screening companies in the industry today, conducting an annual average of more than 2 million background checks. If you need DOT-mandated background checks, call us today!

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