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Manage your fleet from one platform using the Geotab GO9, a small device that can be plugged into the OBDII port of your vehicle. An adapter can be used if your truck does not have an OBDII port. The process is quick and easy as the device is a plug and play installation, no need for any special tools or a professional installer.

Geotab’s Special Features

  1.   MyGeotab

This is a web-based fleet management software available to all Geotab customers. You can view all vehicle and driver information in one set-up, allowing you to make prompt and better-informed decisions for your operations. It simplifies data collection and analysis by turning it into useful information that operators can act on.

What’s more, MyGeotab is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, French, and German.

  1.   Collision Detection & Notification

If your vehicle figures in an accident, Geotab immediately detects it and sends an email or desktop alert to provide the fleet manager with first notice. A detailed record will be uploaded from the device for forensic reconstruction of the event.

  1.   Scalable Software

Geotab’s fleet management software provides businesses effective tools for operational growth and savings, no matter how small or large your fleet size.

  1.   Fleet and Driver Safety Management

Geotab features fleet safety reports that provide insight into the on-road activities of your drivers. Safety scores are assigned based on speeding, seat belts, corner turn and braking habits, acceleration, and even vehicle after-hours. Geotab also collates reports into daily, weekly, and monthly driving abstracts to provide managers a clearer outlook.

Geotab Telematics and Transafe

Geotab’s innovative technology will start tracking your vehicle as soon as you begin driving whether you are indoors or underground. Data regarding ignition on, travel time, distance, and speed, as well as engine idling, is tracked on a second-by-second basis.

Geotab records information on your vehicle’s health and running condition to keep you informed of any service maintenance priorities.

Let Geotab transform your company’s approach to fleet safety with state-of-the-art telematics solutions from Transafe.

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