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A Motor Vehicle Report or MVR is an integral part of a potential employee’s background screening system. It reviews an applicant’s driving history as far back as seven years in any state.

An MVR shows a commercial driver’s license number, type, and status, any medical or hazmat certifications, any convictions of driving under the influence, traffic violations, and even unpaid parking tickets.

Why Should Employers Verify Driving History?

An applicant’s driving record can be a major factor in judging the level of risk a new employee could bring to an employer’s business operations. A good record could be a sign of mutual benefit for both employer and employee. A bad record could signal possible risk issues an employer may take into consideration before offering employment.

Other reasons why employers must verify an applicant’s driving record are: 

  • In many cases, the DOT regulations require employers to run an MVR at different times during the term of employment.
  • If an applicant has a poor driving record, the insurance premiums that a company has to pay may increase proportionately.
  •  A driving record provides not only a detailed look at the applicant’s driving history but also a glimpse of his or her future behavior.
  • A driving record provides relevant information regarding a person’s behavior. A driver’s failure to follow state traffic rules and regulations may also show a failure to follow company rules.

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