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An ELD or electronic logging device is a mini-computer that is placed in the truck cab to record data on vehicle operation, along with driver activity such as hours of service (HOS) and record of duty status (RODS). ELDs are required to be compliant with industry regulations to ensure that your vehicle fleet is safe, efficient, and productive.

If you need a secure and dependable solution for ELD compliance, Omnitracs ELDs are your best choice. They are the latest line of devices that combine durability and power with driver-friendly features. Maintaining a safe and compliant fleet is as easy as ever.

Omnitracs has been a trusted name for almost 30 years in the industry. Omnitracs ELDs are certified and compliant with past and current industry rules and regulations. Whatever your needs may be, Omnitracs finds the right solution to meet your compliance requirements at an affordable price.

Taking it up a notch, our dedicated ELDs provide access to the widest portfolio of tools to help improve your fleet’s safety, efficiency, and productivity.

A mobile application, the HoursGo mobile app, is also available so drivers can monitor ELD logs while allowing them to log time in and out remotely, eliminating the need to calculate time spent before and after boarding the vehicle.

Benefits of ELDs

  1.     The software can be connected to all types of vehicles, and installation is done in 30 minutes or less.
  2.     It simplifies maintaining compliance and it is easy to learn with a large focus on being driver-friendly.
  3.     A dynamic, all-powerful dashboard carries reporting and documentation features that increase fleet visibility and enables future expansions.
  4.     It provides access to the widest array of applications. ELDs are designed to improve profitability, efficiency, and safety.

For Omnitracs ELD technology that is cutting-edge, durable, flexible, dependable, and secure, partner with Transafe, a name you can trust.


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