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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, acting on the premise of prevention being always better than cure, has introduced the Compliance, Safety, Accountability, or CSA program to improve road safety.

The CSA initiative is a vital part of tracking a fleet of vehicles to pinpoint possible problems and resolve them upfront. It is a three-part system anchored on these fundamental principles: measurement, evaluation, and intervention.


The measurement part utilizes data collected from the inspection of crashes or collisions. These methods of analysis are also commonly known to many as the Safety Measurement System or SMS.


The SMS provides the FMCSA with data so they can evaluate the safety performance of an operator or carrier.


This part can involve anything from warning letters to strict and thorough investigations of the site and provides carriers with the information crucial to identifying and correcting safety concerns.

Areas of Concern Within the CSA Program

The CSA initiative strictly monitors these areas of concern:

  •       Traffic violations such as driver distraction or speeding could lead to unsafe driving.
  •       Failure of operators to obey Hours Of Service regulations,
  •       Driver fitness, including medical and health status, licensing, training, and certifications.
  •       Testing for controlled substances and alcohol.
  •       Regular vehicle maintenance.
  •       Compliance in the safe handling and proper documentation for hazardous materials.
  •       Records of patterns of high involvement in accidents.

Transafe’s CSA Analysis and Evaluation

Let Transafe help you analyze the FMCSA data so you can get a complete picture to better comply with their improvement approach for Compliance, Safety, and Accountability on the road. 

We offer fleet operators and safety managers the right measurement, intervention, and evaluation tools to remedy problem areas in your CSA scores. 

We can provide you with an in-depth report to show you where you stand with the FMCSA and after analyzing the data, give you input on how to effectively lower your CSA scores.


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