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Transafe is deeply committed to providing our clients with the most accurate, efficient, and professional drug and alcohol testing program in the industry. We promise you the highest quality of all components of our services. Our ultimate goal is 100% impeccable management of all collection, testing, and reporting processes to serve the best interests of our clients and their employees.

Hiring a third-party management company to conduct your drug testing programs lessens your company’s liability because they provide an objective concurrent review of all testing methodologies, procedures, laws, and regulations.

 Our line-up of services include:

  • Comprehensive administration and management of DOT and Non-DOT regulated controlled substance and alcohol testing programs.
  • Development and review of controlled substance and alcohol testing company policies in accordance with federal and state guidelines.
  • Perform in house, on-site or e-scheduled collection services. 
  • Round the clock availability for reasonable cause or post-accident controlled substance and alcohol testing.
  • Consultations pertaining to controlled substance and alcohol testing protocol.
  • Controlled substance and alcohol testing processed only through S.A.M.H.S.A-certified laboratories.
  • Review and provision of a US-wide network of collection facilities.
  • Review and provision of Medical Review Officer services.
  • Retention of back-up files for all controlled substance and alcohol testing.
  • Provision of both MIS reports and an annual summary of controlled substance and alcohol testing.
  • Provision of random selection and notification programs that have passed audits by FMCSA, PHMSA, and USCG.

Transafe will procure all supplies for the program, monitoring contractor compliance, maintaining laboratory reports, assisting in audits by the DOT, and providing split-bottle testing and background investigation services.

Supervisor training and employee education programs are also available.

Transafe’s Standard Operating Procedure For Random Selection Process

The random selection process was developed to ensure equal opportunity for every employee on every selection schedule. Employees’ records can be entered into the program and deleted based on data that is provided by the employer. The schedule of testing is on a quarterly basis while rate and frequency are determined by the employer or federal regulations, if applicable.

How Much Damage Does Substance Abuse Cost Your Company?

Wide-reaching research by the United States Navy has pegged the cost of drug abuse to a company at an average of $6,600 yearly, with the national average at 17% of a company’s employee roster has substance abuse problems.

To illustrate, if a company has 100 employees and you calculate 17% of that, 17 out of 100 employees have drug abuse issues. Calculate that with the average cost of $6,600 yearly, the result is a staggering $112,000 in total.

Studies have also shown that employees who are substance abusers are 33% less productive, 2.5 times more likely to be absent, 5 times more likely to file worker’s compensation claims, and 3.6 times more likely to hurt either themself or a co-worker.

Let Transafe help your company avoid these unnecessary costs by establishing a compliant, efficient, and reliable controlled substance & alcohol program.

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