DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium Services

A drug and alcohol consortium, also known as a third-party administrator is a service representative that coordinates one or more drug and alcohol testing services. A consortium involves groups of employers who come together to conduct DOT-mandated drug and alcohol testing programs for the members.

Transafe’s Drug and Alcohol Consortium can support specific drug and alcohol screening and testing programs that can include pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to work, follow-up, and random testing. Updated testing policies and programs that can be adapted to your specific needs can also be developed.

Our members are assured of help with compliance, avoiding delays in the testing process, audit preparation, handling random selections, quality assurance, consolidated billing, and preparation and safekeeping of documents.transport dangerous materials, are generally required to be enrolled in a drug and alcohol testing program

We help in the preparation of audit packages, MIS, CDL, and other state reporting requirements.

We also offer Drug & Alcohol Policy Development and DER Supervisor Training for our members.

Transafe’s Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium offers services other than Consortium Membership. These services include assistance in online reasonable suspicion training, and reminders for Substance Abuse Professional or SAP follow-up testing.

Help protect your workforce, your job site, your company, and the public. Be a member now.

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