FMCSA Driver Qualification File Management

For a trucking business to flourish and succeed, you have to find the best people to drive your trucks. The job, however, does not end there. You also need to document your drivers’ qualifications and produce them at any time required in order to comply with FMSCA safety regulations. 

The Department of Transportation (DOT) enforces strict guidelines to ensure driver safety and qualification. You need to show that your drivers have submitted applications for employment, have undergone the appropriate medical examinations, and have passed their drug, alcohol, and road tests.

Under FMCSA Part 391, you are required to have detailed paperwork and documents of your driver, or you run the risk of being shut down. Paperwork for an entire fleet of drivers can be overwhelming.

Transafe understands this. Our driver qualification file management services will ensure that you have all documents stored, updated, and ready to go. We are here so you can get on the road and stay on the road.

Commercial motor vehicle and trucking operators in the U.S. are mandated to maintain records of driver qualifications in accordance with DOT standards and FMCSA Part 391 regulations. Failure to do so can put you at risk of driver disqualification and stiff penalties.

The U.S. Department of Transportation can perform a driver qualification file audit at any time that there is suspicion of non-compliance with FMCSA safety regulations. It is crucial to maintain a driver qualification file management system that can be presented to quickly confirm compliance.

Transafe is here to provide everything that you need to put together a driver qualification file and prepare your company for a DOT audit.

Transafe’s Driver Qualification File Management Services

Our team of professionals can help you avoid mistakes and slip-ups that can cause loss of productivity.

Our DQ file management services include:

  • Ensuring compliant forms are utilized for all DQ Files.
  • Completing required verification of previous employment. 
  • Completing the required Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Queries.
  • Pre-Employment, Annual, and Medical Card MVRs (Motor Vehicle Reports). 

All records are maintained and accessible through our online portal. 

Why Transafe?

We offer transparency in all of our services so you can maintain compliance with DOT regulations regarding driver qualification. We want you to feel confident about your drivers’ qualifications before they even step inside your trucks.

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