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As a new entrant carrier in Mississippi & Alabama, you are looking forward to many exciting prospects, namely: the freedom of having your own business, the anticipation of joining a dynamic industry, and the challenges of the open road. However, you are also required to meet a myriad of regulations, starting with permits, registrations, and programs mandated by the DOT so that you can operate legally and stay in compliance.

The following is a list of all documents and compliance programs you must put in place before your new entrant safety audit occurs in the first 6 months of acquiring your USDOT Number. Always remember that even though the audit is educational in nature, it is still a serious undertaking, and a failure could jeopardize your business for a long time or even permanently.

  1.   Permits & Registrations

All permits and registrations you may need to apply for will be based on where you will drive and what you will carry. From identifying what requirements you need to fulfill to completing all the paperwork, Transafe offers you experts who will help you and act on your behalf.

  1.   Insurance

One of the most common problems for new entrants is finding insurance coverage that will not break their banks. Transafe is in touch with a vast network of reliable insurance providers. We are here to find you the exact coverage you need at a price you can afford.

  1.    Driver File Management

Transafe will create and manage your files to ensure that they are accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We will also conduct all the required background checks for you. We will provide you with a copy while we will store another for safekeeping.

  1.   Hours of Service

Transafe will track your on-duty hours and provide you with alerts for quick and worry-free vehicle inspections. We will also provide you with our free mobile application so that managing your files and records need not be a whole lot of guesswork.

  1.   IFTA Data Capture and Preparation

You can also easily track your mileage, fuel expenses, and state border crossings with the same free mobile application. It computes the number of miles driven in each state, recognizes exemptions in toll roads, and stores fuel data, so filing tax reports is as easy as ever. You can do away with paper receipts or trip reports.

  1.   DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

If you are an interstate motor vehicle carrier operating vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001+ pounds, you are required to establish a DOT-compliant pre-employment alcohol and drug testing program, post-accident tests, and random drug testing. This requirement covers motor carriers of all sizes, and owner-operators, as well.

Transafe’s flat annual fee covers all of these requirements, with no hidden charges. We boast of a wide network of approved testing sites across the country that offer 24/7 testing capacity.

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We will oversee your entire program, whether it be a customized alcohol and drug program or a scientifically-based random testing program, and ensure you have everything you need to be and stay in compliance.

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